Our Values

Our key value is about ensuring we provide effective support to enable organisations to make positive change.  We pride ourselves on ensuring we achieve this on every project we work on, and always carry out a thorough evaluation of this.

We also run a tight ship in terms of our own environmental and social impacts

We do all the usual stuff on environment, including ;

  • Wearing lots of jumpers (and snow boots) even in summer in our office rather than turning up the heating
  • Sending almost no waste to landfill (only pesky plastic wrappers, but we are cutting down on those where feasible)
  • Traveling by public transport or by cycle
  • Skyping where possible instead of traveling to meetings
  • Using low impact cleaning products
  • Allowing the printer to grow dusty by using our old ipad instead of printing out reems of (what would be FSC) paper
  • Using lots of LED lightbulbs (including some very space like blue 1 watt LEDs!)
  • Ensuring everything is switched off when we are out at meetings
  • Lecturing everyone who will listen about all of this stuff


We even have a UNEP certificate to show we are doing a top job at this!

In terms of improving our social impact, we are doing some regular mentoring with some amazing young people from a large housing estate at the end of our road, through the charity Regenerate.  We are particularly focused on supporting some of the girls in the area, as we had spotted that they were not approaching Regenerate for support as readily as some of the boys from the estate, so we are in the midst of also setting up a mentoring and sports group specifically aimed at the girls.


Bobby, the office dog is now fully PAT (Pets as Therapy) qualified, so she takes us to a local special needs school in Putney every fortnight where we sing, play ball and have a few cuddles with some very special children.  Its the highlight of her week, and when we walk in the building, there is a chorus of “hi Bobby” from teachers and children alike.


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