Having worked in the sustainability arena for a long time, I know a lot of people in, and linked to the sector.   And over the years, I have been very flattered to have been asked by lots of people for advice as to how to get their next role, or by those wanting to make their first foray into the sustainability world.  (I have also had lots of calls from agencies asking me to suggest candidates but I have been less flattered about that!)

And having worked in many different areas of sustainability; from CSR/Sustainable Business teams in large corporates, to advisory roles in large NGOs, as an environmental consultant, and now as a sustainability consultant; and having worked on many different issues, from labour standards, chemicals, climate change, energy, reporting, community engagement, environment, water, resource sustainability etc etc, means that I understand the skills and experience needed in the myriad of different roles.Unknown

I am therefore able to help companies to define the roles and types of candidates to help achieve their ambitions, and also support in helping to find the right person for their specific needs.  I have very recently found and placed an exceptional person as Head of CR at a Global Entertainment Company.

And the best part of it is I am far less expensive than a recruitment consultant because I still work in the sector and so don’t need to spend my time contacting 1000’s of people who won’t be right for you.

So if you are looking for support in finding an exceptional sustainability person, please drop me a line.

‘Talking to Georgina really helped me to refocus my career and get it back on track. She was very good at spotting what motivates me and she gave me some clear and confident feedback which really helped me make the right decision. Her personal experience of different sectors helped me evaluate my options and speaking to her helped me re-connect with what inspires me. Shortly after seeking her advice I applied for and secured a job which is a perfect fit for me. I would recommend Georgina to anyone wishing to re-evaluate their career or looking to change direction. She really gave me the confidence I needed to stay true to what I’m most passionate about.”    Rowen West-Henzell Commercial Manager, Fareshare

“Georgina gave me great advice and I now feel really energised to find my perfect role!” Richard G.

“Georgina was able to give me some real direction in my search for the right career path. At once recommending other individuals I might like to talk to, as well as helping clarify which industries and/or companies I should contact for work in Corporate Responsibility. Her experience and breadth of knowledge meant I gained plenty of insights into corporate structures and workings that I hadn’t been aware of until then”  Lowry Jonathan, CSR Exec, Tesco



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