The Seriously Stimulating Shoreditch House Breakfast Debate Series


 Get ready for some gastronomical fusion and fission as sustainability expert Jonathan Porritt and former Executive Director of Greenpeace UK Stephen Tindale go head-to-head.

This monumental debate is not to be missed if only to understand the sudden U-turn Tindale made several years back when he decided that he was in fact in favour of nuclear energy.

More surprising than that time Bob Dylan was a Christian!

More shocking than when David Mamet came out as a Republican!

Porritt is not impressed.

To give you a taste of fresh, steamy disagreement, here’s a quote from Stephen Tindale’s pro-nuclear apologetic in The Ecologist:

Nuclear power is not perfect, and certainly not cheap. But it is low-carbon, even when its full life cycle is taken into account.

And Porritt’s response? Well, here’s what he had to say two years earlier in The Guardian:

The event is password protected, so please drop me a line if you would like to attend.